Additional services

As part of a discount there is a possibility to provide your own cakes, some of the alcoholic beverages, fruits or other drinks. The price includes: service, changing rooms and toilets, partial room decoration.

Bearing in mind your requirements and concern for maintaining a high level of services provided by DOBOSZ Hotel, interiors of our rooms is decorated solely by ARTENA decoration studio - Monika Atena Kawardzikis (, mobile: 605 66 44 43). Decorations are available in a wide range of services and colours.

In addition, ARTENA decoration studio offers (also with discounts):
- decoration of the church and the car – on the basis of fabrics, balloons, fresh and artificial flowers,
- invitations, notices, wedding menu, table vignettes, stickers and tags on alcohol,
- favour cards for the guests and parents,
- bouquets, and jewellery made from fresh flowers, limousine, antique and modern cars, carriages services,
- stag and hen parties, videotaping, photography,
- musical frame in the church and room, wedding bands, DJ / Top Dog with additional sound system,
- make-up and hairstyle in the hotel or customer's home,
- fireworks, confetti, helium balloons shows,
- giant balloons filled with small balloons and colourful confetti,
- attractions: stilt walkers, pigeon shows, magicians performances, dancing couples and group, dancing with fire,
- assisting in the planning and organization of Wedding celebrations.