SPA Treatments



Golden package – suit-sauna-body massage

Duration: 1,5 h price: 120 PLN

Amber Package – nourishing face treatment, body massage with hot oil

Duration: 1,5 h price: 120 PLN

Crystal package – nourishing face treatment, back massage

Duration: 2,0 h price: 150 PLN

Emerald package – nourishing face treatment, manicure

Duration: 1,5 h price: 160 PLN

Malachite package – nourishing face treatment, pedicure

Duration: 2 h price 200 PLN

Ruby package – face and body treatment, manicure, pedicure

Duration: 3,5 h price: 380 PLN


COASTAL BREEZE - soothing and moisturizing treatment
Designed for people with sensitive skin of all ages in need of relief and hydration. Algae, diatomaceous earth, d-panthenol and many other components used in the treatment determine the unique properties of this care ritual.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 130 PLN


FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - lifting-rejuvenating treatment
It visibly improves the appearance of mature skin. Reduces mimic and static wrinkles, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, moisturizes and improves skin flexibility. Perfect before "great going out".

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 150 PLN


ON SOIBEAN- rejuvenating treatment based on soybeans phytohormones, wild dioscorea and coenzyme R
Biologically active anti-aging ingredients stimulate regeneration and revitalization mature skin epidermis. The treatment causes a reduction of wrinkles, improves flexibility and elasticity of skin.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 150 PLN


QUENCH THE THIRST - intensive moisturizing treatment
The treatment assures an immediate improvement of hydration level of every type of dehydrated, dry and even flaky skin. The result will be smooth, flexible and refreshed skin.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 130 PLN


TIME MACHINE - treatment strengthening protective functions of skin
Active components used in the treatment have been tailored to the needs of active people exposed to stress and environmental pollution. The treatment relaxes, strengthens, regenerates and removes symptoms of fatigue.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 130 PLN


BREATHE FOR SKIN - oxygenating treatment - anti-wrinkle
Designed especially for anoxidised skin - smokers, residents of big cities. Active BIO controller – oxylastil, contained in the preparations, stimulates the process of intercellular breathing. After the treatment the skin is refreshed and regenerated.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 150 PLN


ROSE GARDEN - relaxing treatment with rose oil
Aroma therapeutic treatment, soothing and regenerating the skin. Thanks to the natural oil of rose petals and silk proteins the treatment relaxes and gives positive energy.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 120 PLN


POWER OF HERBS - treatment strengthening the capillaries
Ideal for people with sensitive skin, prone to redness and dilated capillaries. Unique formula, based on extracts from herbs, allows for strengthening and sealing vessel walls, clear brightening and regeneration of skin

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 130 PLN


FOUNTAIN OF SOOTHING - Treatment for skin with acne rosacea
Specialized treatment for people with inflammatory lesions on erythematous background – acne rosacea. Employed preparations reduce inflammation of the skin, sooth redness, skin irritation and tension.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 130 PLN


PURE PLEASURE - cleansing treatment regulating sebaceous glands
Created for oily skin, prone to excessive shine and the formation of pimple breakouts. Active ingredients regulate the sebaceous glands, prevent the formation of blackheads and reduce inflammation.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 130 PLN


ROSE HARMONY - neck and neckline firming treatment
The treatment is a perfect complementation of relaxing treatment with rose oil. Firms, brightens and smooths delicate skin of the neck and neckline.

Duration: 1,5 h Price: 130 PLN


Extremely effective chemical treatment for the exfoliation of epidermis with the use of fruit acids, AHA- glycolic, citric, malic, mandelic acid grape with polihydroxyacids-gluconolactone, lactobionic acid.




Exfoliation AHA (10%, pH 2,7)(in series of at least 6 treatments, the last for free) 1 h 100 PLN
Exfoliation AHA (20%, pH 2,2) (in series of at least 6 treatments, the last for free) 1 h 110 PLN
Exfoliation with mandelic acid + PHA(in series of at least 6 treatments, the last for free) 1 h 120 PLN
Exfoliation with pyruvic, azelaic and salicylic acids (in series of at least 6 treatments, the last for free) 1 h 140 PLN


Cavitation peeling 20 min 40 PLN
Cavitation peeling in treatment

40 min

20 PLN
Cavitation peeling + cream mask 40 min 50 PLN
Cavitation peeling + algae mask 40 min 80 PLN

Cavitation peeling + cream mask

40 min 80 PLN
Cavitation peeling + algae mask 50 min 120 PLN
Cream mask 20 min 20 PLN
Algae mask 20 min 50 PLN
Face cleansing 2 h 100-150 PLN
Back or neckline cleansing 1 h 50-120 PLN
Darsonvalization 15 min 20 PLN
Face, neck and neckline massage 30 min 50 PLN
Set (henna eyebrows, eyelashes, dyeing) 35 min 30 PLN
Henna eyebrows 15 min 10 PLN
Henna eyelashes 20 min 10 PLN
Eyebrow dyeing 15 min 10 PLN


Mechanical skin exfoliation of surface layers of the epidermis with the use of alumina particulates in combination with iontophoresis and the mask. Perfectly smoothes, brightens and rejuvenates the skin.

Face microdermabrasion (mask) 1 h 120 PLN
Face microdermabrasion (ampoule, mask) 1 h 160 PLN


JAPANESE CHERRY – body regenerating and moisturizing treatment
An unforgettable experience. Regenerating and moisturizing treatment based on active
ingredients from Japan (extracts of cherry and lotus flowers, rice oil). Completed with a hot

Duration: 2 h Price: 200 PLN


CITRUS GROVE – slimming - modeling treatment
Treatment with drainage properties, improving fat burning. Used preparations rich in extracts
from citrus fruits, guarana, ivy and algae make the body well hydrated, smooth and flexible.

Duration: 2 h Price: 200 PLN


Full body relaxation massage

1,5 h

150 PLN
Full body relaxation massage 1 h 100 PLN
Back relaxation massage 30 min 50 PLN
Chinese bubble on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks 40 min 100 PLN
Treatment with the use of the suit – sauna 1,5 h 50 PLN




Manicure​ 40 min 40 PLN

Manicure Spa (manicure, peeling, massage, mask)

1 h 90 PLN
Hybrid / french manicure 1 h 15 min 70 PLN
Nail polish with hybrid varnish 30-40 min 40-50 PLN
Nail polish 20 min 20 PLN
Nail polish (french) 30 min 25 PLN
Pedicure 1 h 50-80 PLN
Pedicure Spa (pedicure, peeling, massage, mask) 1,5 h 110 PLN
Hand care in treatment 20 min 20 PLN
Hybrid / french pedicure 1,5 h 120 PLN
Hybrid removal 20 min 20 PLN
Hybrid removal in treatment 20 min 10 PLN


Half of legs 30 min 40 PLNł
Whole legs 1 h 80 PLN
Legs + bikini 1 h 20 min 60-80 PLN
Bikini 30 min 40 PLN
Axilla 15 min 30 PLN
Hands 30 min 40 PLN
Chest 30 min 40 PLN
Stomach 30 min 30 PLNł
Back 30 min 50 PLN
Upper lip hair 10 min 20 PLN
Chin 10 min 10 PLN


Take advantage of a free skin diagnosis, during which appropriate treatment and home care products will be selected.

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