Because the fact that Dobosz Hotel is located near Szczecin, it is an ideal base for those wishing to explore the city and its surroundings. Here are some of the places worth visiting:

Wały Chrobrego - one of the most beautiful places in Szczecin. Wały Chrobrego come from the early twentieth century and offer magnificent views of the Odra and the harbour. There are substantial, left by the Germans, buildings of the National Museum, the Naval Academy and the Voivodeship Office. Many prestigious restaurants are located there.

Cinema Pionier 1907 – the oldest cinema in Poland and one of the oldest in the world. The property has been renovated, now it has two screens: standard cinema and the so-called winery, where the audience sitting at the tables, drinking tea or wine watch movies played back from the historic projector. The cinema is characterized by a specific repertoire, because it avoids popular titles, focuses on films produced in Europe, Asia and South America. Pionier is located at Wojsko Polskie Avenue no. 2 in Szczecin.

Pomeranian Dukes' Castle - the former residence of the rulers of Szczecin. The castle was built in the fifteenth century, however due to numerous historical turbulences its present shape is significantly different from the original one. Amazing interior design and unique atmosphere make the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle is a place that every tourist should visit.

Old Town - Old Town architecture suffered during World War II, restoration works are still continuing. In the Old Town one can admire Old Town Hall with Museum of History of Szczecin, White Eagle Square and Sienna. The whole combines different architectural styles, tradition and innovation.

Chapel in Police - the last remnant of the thirteenth-century Gothic church. It is located on the Chrobry Square and is the pride of Police.

Synthetic Gasoline Factory - a complex of buildings from 1937, of which at present only ruins remain. The fact that they enjoy popularity among tourists and history lovers caused that in the factory there are regularly organized guided tours.